My name is Mitch Samuels and I make things on the internet.

I am a self-taught web designer and developer specializing in front-end, mobile UI/UX, and responsive design. I know the web. I make it look good.


The latest is always the greatest. I'm always up to date with the greatest ways to design an incredible looking website that functions well, too.

Function is always over form, and I make sure all my designs work well on all browsers and devices. But hey, function doesn't have to take away from form!

Front-End Development

I make what people can see. I'm fluent in the latest HTML5, JS/JQuery, and CSS3 as well as many popular framworks like Bootstrap and Ionic.

Whether you need a website redesign to take you out of the 90s, a whole new website, a web or mobile application, or something else, if it's on the web, I can make it.

Responsive/Mobile UI

Nobody likes a website that doesn't work on their phone. My websites automatically scale and rearrange to display everything on both mobile and full-size devices.

Mobile accessibility is more important than ever now, with 55% of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices in January 2014.

I am currently available for work.

Selected Work

These are some of my most recent and notable creations. Click to view them, hover to see more of what they are.

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Robots Ruin Everything.
You need to fill it all in, man!